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Interview with C. Oran Little, January 31, 2002

Project: C. Oran Little Oral History Project
Interview Accession Number: 2002oh032_af631
Interviewer: Terry L. Birdwhistell
Restrictions: No Restrictions
Access: Request

Interview with Emily Marcinkowski, March 16, 2020

Project: ACTION: Cancer In Kentucky - Faculty/Staff Oral History Project
Interview Accession Number: 2020oh0119_actionf0005
Interviewer: Nathan L. Vanderford
Restrictions: No Restrictions

Interview with Jonathan Montaldo, July 1, 2005

Project: Morgan C. Atkinson Documentary Interviews: Soul Searching, The Journey of Thomas Merton
Interview Accession Number: 2022oh0176_mcajtm0013
Interviewer: Morgan C. Atkinson
Restrictions: No Restrictions