Western Kentucky Farms Oral History Project

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This project documents family farms in Western Kentucky. Topics discussed include Western Kentucky University, row crops, cattle, canola, dairy farming, tenant farming, the Great Depression, tobacco farming, religion, family life, Kentucky Farm Bureau, Dairy Herd Improvement Association, alternative employment, grain production, Beaver Dam, folklore.


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Interviews included in this Project:
Interviewee(s) Interview Date Call Number Interviewer Restrictions Access
Marion Higgs June 1st, 1991 1991OH318 FF 140 Nancy Shreve No Restrictions
Vestal Ann Cross June 8th, 1991 1991OH319 FF 141 Nancy Shreve No Restrictions
Marion Higgs June 1st, 1991 1991OH320 FF 142 Nancy Shreve No Restrictions
Christine Colliver June 12th, 1991 1991OH321 FF 143 Nancy Shreve No Restrictions
Bernice Lockhart June 15th, 1991 1991OH322 FF 144 Nancy Shreve No Restrictions Online
Alene Rich June 15th, 1991 1991OH323 FF 145 Nancy Shreve No Restrictions
E.M. Heard June 15th, 1991 1991OH324 FF 146 Nancy Shreve No Restrictions
Germie Winchell June 18th, 1991 1991OH325 FF 147 David Coffey No Restrictions
Alva E. Bennett June 18th, 1991 1991OH326 FF 148 David Coffey No Restrictions
J.D. Coffey June 19th, 1991 1991OH327 FF 149 Nancy Shreve No Restrictions
Obie Ramsey June 25th, 1991 1991OH328 FF 150 David Coffey No Restrictions
Norman E. Potter June 29th, 1991 1991OH329 FF 151 Nancy Shreve No Restrictions
Edna Viers July 2nd, 1991 1991OH330 FF 152 Nancy Shreve No Restrictions Online
Jim Chaney July 4th, 1991 1991OH331 FF 153 Nancy Shreve No Restrictions
Ina Ree Board September 10th, 1992 1993OH086 FF 343 David M. Coffey No Restrictions
Carol J. Burman March 1st, 1993 1993OH088 FF 345 David M. Coffey No Restrictions
Dante Carpenter March 1st, 1992 1993OH089 FF 346 Annette Southard No Restrictions
Kamus Carpenter March 1st, 1992 1993OH090 FF 347 Annette Southard No Restrictions
William Crowder June 27th, 1992 1993OH091 FF 348 Nancy Shreve No Restrictions
J. Frank Gerrard October 10th, 1992 1993OH092 FF 349 Greg Walker No Restrictions
Earnie Gibson 1993OH093 FF 350 Greg Walker No Restrictions
James Hagman April 4th, 1992 1993OH094 FF 351 Annette Southard No Restrictions
Joe Hagman April 4th, 1992 1993OH095 FF 352 Annette Southard No Restrictions
Paul Hagman April 4th, 1992 1993OH096 FF 353 Kellie Wood No Restrictions
Victor Hagman April 4th, 1992 1993OH097 FF 354 Kellie Wood No Restrictions
Ralph E. Lobb October 15th, 1992 1993OH099 FF 356 David M. Coffey No Restrictions
Lucian Detherage, Kathryn McCrutchen 1993OH100 FF 357 Nancy Shreve No Restrictions
Charles Miller February 21st, 1992 1993OH101 FF 358 David M. Coffey No Restrictions
Margaret "Peggy" Miller February 21st, 1991 1993OH102 FF 359 Nancy Shreve No Restrictions
James Lewis Pierce July 22nd, 1992 1993OH105 FF 362 David M. Coffey No Restrictions
Corbett Southard April 5th, 1992 1993OH106 FF 363 Nancy Shreve No Restrictions
Judy Southard April 5th, 1992 1993OH107 FF 364 Kellie Wood No Restrictions
Rodney Lee Spradlin November 19th, 1992 1993OH108 FF 365 David M. Coffey No Restrictions
Leon Tarter March 10th, 1992 1993OH109 FF 366 Nancy Shreve No Restrictions
Clyde Turner May 1st, 1992 1993OH111 FF 368 David M. Coffey No Restrictions
Richard Turner May 1st, 1992 1993OH112 FF 369 David M. Coffey No Restrictions
Alma Williams 1993OH113 FF 370 Nancy Shreve No Restrictions
Greg Willoughby May 12th, 1992 1993OH114 FF 371 Nancy Shreve No Restrictions
Louis Wilson May 17th, 1992 1993OH115 FF 372 Annette Southard No Restrictions
Charles Winchell September 11th, 1992 1993OH116 FF 373 David M. Coffey No Restrictions
David Winchell September 17th, 1992 1993OH117 FF 374 David M. Coffey No Restrictions
Linda Winchell September 17th, 1992 1993OH118 FF 375 David M. Coffey No Restrictions
Norma Tapp June 25th, 1993 1993OH303 FF 408 Debbie L. Winchell No Restrictions
J.A. Tapp June 25th, 1993 1993OH304 FF 409 Debbie L. Winchell No Restrictions
Kris Tapp June 25th, 1993 1993OH305 FF 410 Debbie L. Winchell No Restrictions
Deborah Lou Winchell June 2nd, 1993 1993OH306 FF 411 David M. Coffey No Restrictions
Martha Waters March 18th, 1993 1993OH307 FF 412 David M. Coffey No Restrictions
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