Interview with Lyman T. Johnson, June 24th, 1991

Accession Number:
2006OH202 AB 011
Lyman T. Johnson
Catherine Fosl
Interview Date: 
Monday, June 24th, 1991

In this interview, educator and civil rights activist Lyman T. Johnson remembers working with Anne Braden from the early days of their civil rights efforts, to the post civil rights campaign in Louisville, Kentucky. During Johnson's time as president of the Louisville Branch of the NAACP, Anne Braden was an NAACP member. Johnson describes the negative reaction of board members and the caution of the African American community toward Anne and Carl Braden who identified as socialist. Johnson also speaks to the varying degrees of public acceptance toward him as the black, male, civil rights activist, and Anne Braden as a white, female, socialist, civil rights activist.


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No Restrictions