Interview with Lucille Caudill Little, November 17th, 1998

Accession Number:
1998OH083 A/F 592
Lucille Caudill Little
Jeanne Ontko Suchanek
Interview Date: 
Tuesday, November 17th, 1998

University of Kentucky alumna Lucille C. Little was born in Morehead, Kentucky in 1909. Her parents were leaders in the community. In fact, she states that he father was the only lawyer in Morehead with a law degree. Little describes her family members, including her two brothers and her two sisters, and talks about her ancestry. Little states that she was always interested in the arts especially drama. She recalls church plays and her first teacher, Inez Faith.

Little describes growing up in Morehead. She talks about swimming in creeks during the summer, and explains that on "court day" when the circuit court was in session she and other children would make and sell baked goods. Little states that she attended a boarding school away from home where she received the opportunity to be in all the plays. She describes how she would even take a male part just for the opportunity to be in the play. Little took piano lessons from a woman named Nell Miller Young. When Young left to teach at the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music, she allowed Little to spend the summer with her. Little describes taking lessons from Dan Beddoe at the age of nine or ten. Little explains that from an early age she always wanted a career. She recalls how her father wanted her to be a lawyer.


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No Restrictions