Interview with James Perkins, August 16th, 1978

Accession Number:
1978OH131 KH 091
James Perkins
Edward Owens
Interview Date: 
Wednesday, August 16th, 1978

Captain of the Lexington Police Department, James Perkins graduated from Dunbar High School and Western Kentucky Industrial College, and has attended both Eastern Kentucky University and the University of Louisville. He joined the department in 1952, served a year as an undercover agent for the Federal Government in the 1960's, and also served with the Kentucky State Police. Captain Perkins discusses racial prejudice in the police department and within the community during the early 1950's, his opposition to violence, and the effects of the civil rights movement in Lexington in the 1960's. Other topics mentioned include the weak attempts to recruit African American police officers, and the problems associated with the Douglas Park area.


Interview Restricted: 
No Restrictions