Interview with Louis Stout, August 15th, 1978

Accession Number:
1978OH130 KH 090
Louis Stout
Edward Owens
Interview Date: 
Tuesday, August 15th, 1978

The Commissioner first joined the KHSAA in 1971. A graduate of Cynthiana High School (Class of 1958) and St. Regis College in Denver, Colorado (Class of 1963), he was basketball coach at Dunbar High School from 1965 until the merger of the county and city school systems in 1967. Afterwards he became head basketball coach at Tates Creek High School, a position he held until 1971. Commissioner Stout discusses the importance of athletics to young African Americans in the 1950's and 1960's, effects of integration upon his career, and conditions present at Dunbar in the mid-1960's. He recalls his teaching and coaching career at Tates Creek and the treatment accorded African American students. Commissioner Stout enumerates the responsibilities of his position at KHSAA entails and the reasons why he accepted the position. He also talks about the lack of unity and cohesion among the African American community in Lexington.


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No Restrictions