Interview with Zirl A. Palmer, August 17th, 1978

Accession Number:
1978OH126 KH 086
Zirl A. Palmer
Edward Owens
Interview Date: 
Thursday, August 17th, 1978

Dr. Palmer, the first African American pharmacist in Lexington and the first African American to own a Rexall franchise in the United States, graduated from Bluefield State College and Xavier University College of Pharmacy in New Orleans. He discusses the roadblocks he encountered during segregation while establishing his pharmacy in Lexington, including the assistance obtained from Dr. Bush Hunter, the difficulty of getting ice cream for the store, and the advertising gimmicks used in promotions. Dr. Palmer recalls the discrimination he faced from Main Street stores and the bombing of his store on September 4, 1968. The first African American member of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, Dr. Palmer reminisces about his election to the position and bemoans the lack of African American pharmacists nationwide.


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No Restrictions