Interview with John T. Smith, June 14th, 1978

Accession Number:
1978OH073 KH 039
John T. Smith
Edward Owens
Interview Date: 
Wednesday, June 14th, 1978

The son of Baptist minister, Dr. Smith was the Vice President of the Office of Minority Affairs at the University of Kentucky. He taught english at Dunbar High School (1946-1954), was named assistant principal at Dunbar (1954-1959) and principal of Constitution High School (1961-1965). He joined the staff at the University of Kentucky in 1974. Dr. Smith recalls both his educational and teaching experiences at Dunbar and integration of Constitution High. The University of Kentucky's efforts to recruit African American students are mentioned as well as the function and history of the Office of Minority Affairs and the problems faced by African American students in the 1970's.


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No Restrictions